Servitization 2015

Servitization 2015

Servitization 2015: 4th International Conference on Business Servitization (ICBS 2015)

November 19-20, 2015

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain

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Focal theme: Servitization: strategy, innovation and impact
Servitization is seen as the process of increasing value by adding services to products. It is a means to create value-added capabilities that are distinctive and sustainable over competitors. It is normally configured as a process of innovation as part of the business model of an organization, leading to integrated supply goods and services, improving the satisfaction of customer needs, performance and allowing the generation of competitive advantages.
The addition of service offerings to the portfolio of traditionally product-oriented companies is of growing importance, with innovative new business models underpinning product-service systems. Knowledge-Intensive Business Services (KIBS) and other kinds of advanced business services are increasingly viewed as a vital in keeping manufacturing companies and industrial sectors competitive.  In this scenario, the existence of tools, techniques and methodologies for servitization become key issues for the organization, also needing to include service companies in their value chain. This leads to business models which leverage the development of software and other smart services to create novel value propositions and service-type transactions.
Moreover, advanced business services form an increasingly important part of the tertiary sector of economies, and they also gain leverage power with regard to the primary, secondary and quaternary economic sectors.
In that sense, ICBS has been a conference traditionally targeted to business professionals and researchers. However, knowing the impact of IT in servitization, we have broadened the scope of the conference to incorporate the knowledge and experience of researchers and professionals from the IT community in this domain. In this edition, we also aim at discussing works related to the influence of engineering (designing, implementing, deploying, transforming, evolving, etc.) IT in servitization processes but also the consequences of the servitization of IT companies and departments.

Conference Subjects
The conference inherit the current research of international academic community on the emerging field of servitization, which not only focus on the theoretic developments, but also pay attention to practical applications of the methods and techniques. Through this conference, participants shared the latest research findings and practical experiences and exchange their innovative ideas.

Special sessions on specific topics are also encouraged. Topics of interest mainly include, but not limit to:
  • Theories underpinning servitization strategies
  • Servitization as a complement for existing strategies
  • Servitization and Customer Relationship Management, customer value perception and client satisfaction
  • Servitization, sustainability and product design.
  • Implications of servitization in business models
  • Servitization and supply chain management
  • Servitization processes and organizational performance indicators
  • Strategic Services Management
  • Service Operations Management
  • Service System and Service Network Design
  • Service Innovation Management
  • Advanced business services and practices of/for servitization
  • Organizational change processes and models related to the implementation of servitization practices
  • Impact of advanced business services, servitization and business model innovation practices for the competitiveness
  • KIBS and servitization and Factories of the Future and Advanced Manufacturing development strategies
  • Servitization in SMEs and regional development
  • Human factors of servitization
  • Development of methods and indicators to measure and assess quantitatively the degree of servitization
  • Service Information Systems
  • IT's for engineering servitization processes
  • Tools and toolkits for engineering servitization processes.
  • Model-Driven Engineering approaches for servitization.
  • Migration and modernization of IT systems supporting servitized business processes and models.
  • Development of smart services for servitized business processes and models.
  • Business models and processes for the Servitization of IT companies
  • Business Architectures from a service-oriented perspective
  • Enterprise Architectures from a service-oriented perspective
  • Service architectures for servitization
  • Service-oriented architectural patterns and styles

Keynote Speakers
  • Academic Keynote Speaker: Dr Heiko Gebauer. Products, Services, and Solutions - Past, Present, and Future
  • Professional Keynote Speaker: Leopoldo Maestu Miedes. New Technologies applied to the Railways Maintenance
  • Industrial Keynote Speaker: Elisa Martín Garijo. The Digital Transformation : An approach from the services perspective